Death Valley National Park Is Finally Reopening, Here's What to Know

Not all roads and locations will be immediately accessible to visitors.

In August, Death Valley National Park was forced to close down after being ravaged by severe and historic August storms, which led to roads and trails being severely damaged and flooded. Now, the park is expected to open back up soon.

According to rangers, Death Valley National Park will reopen on October 15, depending "on several factors, including future weather events and the availability of materials to fix the road," as stated in an official release.

Even if reparation works and plans goes smoothly, the park will not reopen in its entirety. Once the park reopens, visitors will be able to access a slew of popular spots again, including the lodgings at Furnace Creek, the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, the vistas from Zabriskie Point and Dante's View and the salt flats at Badwater, the Los Angeles Times reports. State Route 190 will be open and connect all locations, and the northern part of Badwater Road will be accessible as well.

However, the majority of all roads will remain closed, as well as eastern entrances to Death Valley National Park. Travelers will only be able to enter the park via Long Pine route, which is located along US Route 395.

Limited lodging, food, and fuel options will also reopen in some areas, including at Panamint Springs Resort, Stovepipe Wells Village, and The Oasis at Death Valley. Additionally, according to park officials, some campgrounds should also reopen, including Texas Springs, Furnace Creek, and Sunset.

Visitors will also reportedly be able to access Harmony Borax Trail, Mustard Canyon, Father Crowley Vista Point, Artists Drive, and Natural Bridge upon the partial reopening. Still-closed locations will include Rainbow Canyon, Emigrant Canyon Road, Cottonwood Canyon, Marble Canyon, North Highway, Salt Creek Trail, Beatty Pass, and Saline Valley.

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