This Taco Chain Just Launched 'Chipotle-Level' Guac & They'll Give It to You For Free

It'll be made fresh daily at every restaurant.

del taco free guacamole
Courtesy of Del Taco

For all its trouble with queso (which went from "crime against cheese" to "magnificent"), Chipotle has remained the gold standard for guacamole among fast food and fast-casual restaurants. (That doesn't mean it's the absolute best but it's the guac by which other guacs are judged.) But, oh no, that's Del Taco's music. 

Del Taco is entering the game, introducing fresh guacamole at each of its nearly 600 US restaurants. You'll be able to add it to meals in a similar way to how you'd order at Chipotle. You could add it to an Epic Burrito, or you could grab guacamole and chips as a side for just a couple of bucks. According to the taco-slinging chain's announcement, you can add it to just about anything on the menu, and there won't even be an upcharge on select burritos.

As is often the case when a chain feels like it needs to prove to you that its new item is worth your capital, Del Taco is offering you a chance to try it for free. Place an order through the Del Taco app anytime before July 1, and you can get a free order of chips and guacamole.

"While the majority of our fast food competitors continue to use frozen guacamole, we are excited to now serve fresh guacamole that we make daily in our restaurants. Fresh guacamole builds on our strategy of delivering fast casual, fresh quality ingredients with fast food speed, convenience, and price," Tim Hackbardt, Del Taco’s Chief Marketing Officer, said in the announcement. "Whether topping our Epic Burritos, many of which include our Fresh Guacamole at no additional cost, or enjoying our guac a la carte you can now get fresh made guacamole on or in anything at Del Taco."

Fresh guacamole is always a welcome addition, but it remains to be seen if it's worthy of the high praise it has foisted upon itself with the Chipotle comparison it made in the announcement. 

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