Del Taco's New Breakfast Tacos Are Wrapped in a Stuffed Quesadilla

And just when we thought the chain couldn't outdo itself.

Edited - Courtesy of Del Taco

In late December, Del Taco released an all-new menu that is keeping our budgeting resolution for us. The California-based chain's new value route, dubbed the 20 Under $2 menu, is precisely what it sounds like—20 menu items available for under $2.

If that weren't reason enough to send you straight to the drive-thru, maybe this is. Del Taco is making another significant menu addition, this time to benefit your morning commute. The fast food joint is adding two breakfast tacos to bolster its morning roster. But here's the real kicker, they're wrapped in a stuffed quesadilla. 

The Hashbrowns & Bacon Stuffed Quesadilla Breakfast Taco features grated Cheddar cheese and creamy queso blanco grilled between two flour tortillas and filled with scrambled eggs, hashbrown sticks, bacon, and more Cheddar cheese. Meanwhile, the Hashbrowns, Egg & Cheese Stuffed Quesadilla breakfast Taco includes all the same fixings, just without the bacon. 

Both menu additions are available at Del Taco locations, and the Hashbrowns, Egg & Cheese taco is $1.99, while the Hashbrowns & Bacon version will run you $2.29.

Del Taco first experimented with its Taco Bell-inspired quesadilla for shells concept in August with the debut of its Stuffed Quesadilla Tacos. Outside of breakfast, the menu currently includes a Grilled Chicken Stuffed Quesadilla Taco, Grilled Chicken & Guac Stuffed Quesadilla Taco, Crispy Chicken Stuffed Quesadilla Taco, Crispy Chicken & Guac Stuffed Quesadilla Taco, Carne Asada Stuffed Quesadilla Taco, and Carne Asada & Guac Stuffed Quesadilla Taco.

Now you've just got an excuse to indulge before 11 am.

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Megan Schaltegger is a Staff Writer on the News team at Thrillist.