Someone Was Stuck in a Delta Bathroom for More Than 30 Minutes

And there's video evidence documenting the entire incident.

Welp, here we are again. Just like it happened in January on a SpiceJet flight, recently another passenger got stuck inside a plane bathroom for a prolonged period of time. This time, though, it happened on a Delta Air Lines flight. It seems Delta passengers just can't catch a break.

How do we know this, you ask? Definitely not via Delta—who reportedly asked the passenger and their family to hush and avoid posting photos or video of the incident on social media. "Delta Air Lines asked that I wouldn't share the videos a fellow passenger took for me on social media," reads a Reddit post written by the passenger's partner, who was traveling with their spouse with their two children. "But customer service wouldn't even refund our, as you can imagine, terrible flights. So…here we are."

According to the partner's Reddit post (which is embedded above and did, in fact, include a video of the scene) the unlucky passenger found himself trapped inside the bathroom of a flight from Salt Lake City to New Orleans, and not even the help of three flight attendants could free him.

At first, the partner thought it was only taking a little longer than expected—but then many more minutes started to go by. "Ten minutes went by, and as my 4-year-old asked yet again, 'Where's daddy?' I heard a flight attendant say the word 'stuck,'" reads the post. "Something clicked. 'Excuse me, is there someone stuck in the bathroom??' 'Yes,' she said." The post then continues, "'… I think that's my husband!'"

After 20 minutes, the pilot tried to help get the passenger out as well, but it still wasn't enough. "It wasn't until [my husband] kicked the hell out of the door while the pilot was pulling as hard as possible that [he] finally made his escape."

A quick look at the watch showed how long it had been: 35 minutes. The money refunded? Reportedly, zero dollars. In the comments, some Redditors pointed out that the maximum refund the passengers should expect is, at best, fake money and a drink. "15k sky pesos and a drink voucher," reads the top comment. Other passengers, though, disagree. "Too optimistic still," one comment in response to the previous one reads. "I was thinking a trading card and a free drink if they beg for it."

Reportedly, the airline is investigating the incident. "We have been in contact with the customer following this situation with an offer of apology and are investigating the situation to better understand the root cause and make any changes, as needed, to address the matter going forward," a Delta spokesperson told Thrillist. 

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