Delta Plane's Evacuation Slide Falls Onto Man's Lawn While He Was Doing Yard Work

Once upon a time, a woman claimed that poop fell from an aircraft, hit her face, and gave her pink eye. Apparently, sewage can seep from the plane's waste tank and escape the aircraft. Many things can escape a plane, in fact... but few people on this Earth can attest.

But now we have a Wenhan Huang with another eye witness testimony: While doing yard work, he watched a commercial plane's emergency evacuation slide fall right onto his yard.

Huang's home is around 10 miles away from Boston’s airport. According to WCVB, the plane was passing over Milton, Massachusetts, heading from Paris to Boston, when the incident occurred. The slide plummeted from the aircraft, rudely swiping branches of a maple tree before landing in Huang's yard.

"It's kind of crazy," Huang said to WCVB. "Who could know there's something coming from the air and drops into my yard, right?"

Right. Though we've recently heard of space satellites crashing onto people's lawns, we don't often hear of large plane accessories falling from the sky. Most of those pieces are pretty important -- had the plane crashed in a nearby body of water, the poor passengers would have no slide to escape in/play with.

Huang didn't realize what the deflated slide was until he saw the "Boeing" label, at which point he called the police. The Federal Aviation Administration promptly came for it. 

"It's pretty heavy. You can't even carry it," said Huang. 

There's no denying the fact that this story could have had a different end. People could have died. Or the slide could have landed fully inflated and provided good times for the whole neighborhood. 

h/tTravel & Leisure 

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.