Hurry, Delta's Having a Rare Sale With $119 Round-Trip Flights

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Don't be fooled! Delta might be the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet, but the airline is No. 2 in the hearts of Americans. Southwest has an alarmingly loyal following, so by virtue of inspiring a cult, it has earned the title of sky overlord. That said, Delta beats Southwest in the category of Consumer Yearning -- its love language is not killer! flash! sales! Its love language is maybe those Biscoff cookies, but it doesn't often shell out deals like the ones we're seeing on Thursday, in which you can get round-trip domestic flights for as little as $127.

"Walk along the streets of a coastal town, sightsee in the big city, or grab a handcrafted coffee at a local café," Delta wrote on the sale's page, atop a long (but rapidly shrinking) list of specific airports and destinations.

Here are our favorite roundtrip deals: 

  • Atlanta to Savannah, GA for $119
  • New York to Charleston for $127
  • New York to Savannah, GA for $137
  • Detroit to Austin for $149
  • Atlanta to Myrtle Beach, SC for $179
  • Salt Lake City to San Antonio for $197
  • Salt Lake City to San Antonio for $197
  • Nashville to New Orleans for $199

The deals are good for travel between February 18 and April 1 of this year. Make sure you book by February 5, and note that additional fees, restrictions, and baggage charges may apply. The sale page has a lot of information about restrictions and fees, but the main things you need to know for baggage are that a carry-on is included in a ticket and the first checked bag is $30 (the second is $40).

The one other thing you need to know is that, should you panic on a flight and say to your seat mate that you, I don't know, worry this flight might be where it all ends, then that they might ask a Delta employee for help, and that employee might -- based on assumption, not my personal experience -- give you a wings pin intended to comfort children. 

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.