Delta Will Give You Free Round-Trip Flights in Exchange for Your Basketball Tickets

When JetBlue announced this week that it's giving away $300 flights for just $31, my editor and I lost our minds. As he sprinted to the window to scream the news, I squinted through a blur of tears, attempting to dial my mother's number. So why, universe, have you so soon decided to drop the news that Delta Air Lines is giving away free round-trip tickets to anyone willing to give away their basketball seats? We have only just recovered.

The deal is called the "Showtime Seat Exchange," and it's part of a charity project that will donate LA Lakers tickets to students in a program called "After-School All-Stars," which provides resources for kids in need. 

"If you have tickets to these [LA Lakers] games and can’t make it, please visit this page on the dates listed above and donate your tickets," it says on Delta's website. "In exchange, Delta will give you one flight to anywhere in the US for each ticket donated (4 ticket maximum)." People with seasonal tickets are about to be live the life of a frequent flyer with credit card SkyMile superpowers.  

The airline also said to act fast, which you certainly should, considering that the first game opportunity is no longer. The Exchange for the November 15 game is full, but the following games and the days you can submit your tickets are below: 

  • Game 2: December 22, 2019 vs. Denver – Exchange to open on December 2
  • Game 3: January 31, 2019 vs. Portland – Exchange to open on January 3
  • Game 4: March 15, 2019 vs. Denver – Exchange to open on February 18

You'll be able to submit your tickets here. The company will only take the first 50 eligible tickets, so hop on that. BRB, defibrillating my editor and hiring pilots to skywrite the news across the city. 

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.