Delta Is Making Major Changes to Its Sky Club Access Policy

The changes will hit basic economy passengers and Amex cardholders hardest.

delta sky club lounge
Photo courtesy of Delta Air Lines
Photo courtesy of Delta Air Lines

American Express cardholders who like to travel are probably about to be upset with Delta Air Lines. Based on a quick scroll through X (formerly Twitter) today, plenty of folks already are.

The carrier just announced some very drastic changes to Sky Club access for select cardholders, and unfortunately, they aren't "good" ones. Starting on February 1, 2025, Delta is officially putting limits on the number of visits travelers can make per year (which Delta counts from February 1 through January 31 of the following year) with a credit card—and that's a huge deal, considering there was no cap up until now.

But before you get mad mad, let's get into the specifics, which vary depending on the credit card you own. With the new rules, Amex Platinum Card members will be allowed only six annual visits, and the same goes for Business Platinum Card cardholders. Delta SkyMiles Reserve cardholders, instead, will be granted 10 visits per year (two annual guest passes will still be available), and owners of Delta SkyMiles Reserve Business cards will receive the same amount of available annual visits. If you own a Centurion Card (the iconic "Amex black"), congrats—no capped number of visits for you.

If you're willing to pay up, though, you can basically buy yourself an unlimited number of Sky Club visits. You can choose between buying a Sky Club membership, flying on Delta One business class, or by using your now-limited Amex to spend $75,000 or more during one calendar year (from January 1 through December 31).

But wait, there are more (annoying) changes. Starting on January 1, 2024, any traveler traveling in Basic Economy (including Delta SkyMiles Platinum and Platinum Business Amex members) will not be eligible for Sky Club access, regardless of their card type.

The reason behind the changes allegedly has to do with overcrowding at Sky Clubs. According to a Delta official news release, they are "part of Delta's ongoing efforts to help balance the popularity of the Clubs with the premium experience they provide for our guests."

For more information on the updated Delta Sky Club access policies, you can visit this website.

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