Only Man on Delta Flight Rejoices in Armrest Heaven

Vincent Peone/Twitter
Vincent Peone/Twitter

Dontcha just love your neighbors on commercial flights? The one with a limb on your armrest, the window seat bathroom frequenter, the believer in reclining your seat back fully, the invisible person who takes the last penne and leaves you with pork and mystery mush... But these inconveniences are inevitable, so why stress, right?...!?!

Wrong, because Delta passenger Vincent Poene just scored a solo flight, by pure happenstance. 

Poene recently posted a video on Twitter documenting his lonely ride on a mostly empty jetliner. It began with an attendant's announcement that the “only passenger” may now board the flight. 

“That’s me,” Poene whispered. 

When The Washington Postasked Poene how he found out he’d be riding alone, he said he thinks the flight getting rescheduled from an earlier time had “everything to do with it.” His Diamond Medallion status probably played a role, too. But I’m not bitter.

Before boarding the plane, Poene asked an employee if anyone has ever flown solo on a plane before. She said yes, and apologized for the cinematic let down. 

“I’m not gonna post that,” he responded. 

Once on board, the flight attendants welcomed only him. "Good evening Vincent,” said one. “And welcome aboard. We look forward to taking care of you today. If you need any assistance getting settled we're delighted to serve you. To ensure an on-time departure please remain in your seat.” 

No information was provided about whether or not Poene felt more compelled to focus on the safety instructions than would a passenger in normal circumstances. 

After takeoff, the Diamond member really let loose. "I sat window and aisle,” he said, per the report. “I was tempted to try to set a record to sit in every single seat for like, two minutes on the flight, so that I could actually sit everywhere.” 

When the plane landed, Poene thanked the pilots and took a picture in front of the plane. And as if that wasn’t enough premium care for one man, the Delta Twitter responded sweetly to his video.

And for those unfortunate souls still trying to find a way to cope with the horrors of commercial travel, just close your eyes and imagine putting your oxygen mask on before assisting others.

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Ruby Anderson is a news writer for Thrillist.