Denny's Is Bringing Back 2 Seasonal Favorites Just in Time for Fall

The pumpkin craze is just beginning over at the diner chain.

Denny's is bringing back two popular, autumnal menu items just in time for the leaves to change across most of the northern half of the country. The chain is bringing back Pumpkin Pancakes in two varieties. You'll now be able to order regular Pumpkin Pancakes and So Pumped-Kin Pancakes, Brand Eating reports.

The regular Pumpkin Pancakes are buttermilk pancakes made with pumpkin pie filling in the pancake batter. The Pumped-Kin Pancakes are those same Pumpkin Pancakes made with glazed pecans and white chocolate chips in the batter, then topped with pecan pie sauce. They are a variation of the Pecan Pumpkin Pancakes available last year, with the added flavor of the chocolate chips. 

You can order both options as stacks or as a breakfast plate. Just remember that the items are seasonal, so you might want to make sure and grab a plate before the last leaves fall from the trees this year. The pancakes will be available nationwide at participating locations. 

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