Denny's Is Serving Full Thanksgiving Feasts in Case You Don't Want to Cook

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Courtesy of Denny's

Denny's is the ideal road trip stop for a stack of pancakes or a steak dinner at a value. It's where you go when you attempt to stumble home after a night of drinks in the suburbs and nothing else is open. And now, it's also where you go if you are a self-identified terrible cook but still want to host others for a classic Thanksgiving meal. Denny's has you covered with a Turkey & Dressing Dinner Pack, featuring everything you need for a successful Thanksgiving -- sans the stressful preparation.

Instead of stressing about whether or not your turkey is cooked or if the wet bundles of bread you've shoved in the raw bird are free of salmonella, you could just go to Denny's and pick up the ready-to-eat necessities for a reasonable price (the actual cost depends on where you purchase, but the meal is available for $49.99 in New York City). The Turkey & Dressing Dinner Pack feeds four and comes with turkey (duh), dressing, gravy, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, and a choice of creamed corn or broccoli. 

"The holidays should be a time for friends and family to gather and spend time with each other -- not worrying about shopping, cooking and planning what to eat," John Dillon, chief brand officer for Denny's, said in a press release. "Our new Turkey & Dressing Dinner Pack includes all the of the elements of a traditional Thanksgiving dinner without all the hassle of preparation and cooking, so guests can enjoy quality time with their loved ones and eliminate any stress in the kitchen."

Preorders for the Turkey & Dressing Dinner Pack are open beginning November 22 to November 27. Orders must be placed with 24 hour advanced notice for pick-up and is available only at participating Denny's, so make sure you call ahead and give special thanks to the staff who are saving your holiday meal. 

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Kat Thompson is a staff writer at Thrillist. Follow her on Twitter @katthompsonn
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