After Only a Month, Wiz Khalifa Has Already Been Passed as the Most-Watched Video Ever

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Psy's "Gangnam Style" held the title of YouTube's most watched video of all-time for five years. Even if you didn't know that, it was an easy guess after Psy's weird horse-dancing melee famously broke the YouTube view counter years ago. However, in July, "Gangnam Style" was knocked from the top spot. It was surpassed by Wiz Khalifa's Paul Walker tribute, "See You Again"

But Khalifa's time at the top was far shorter than Psy's stay. Khalifa's time as the king has already come to an end after just under a month.

Luis Fonsi's "Despacito" is now number one with more than three billion views. It undoubtedly got a boost from a Justin Bieber remix, though that's not the version that's at the top of the heap here. The Bieber remix has a relative tepid 464 million views. (Though, from another perspective, the song is number one and has another 464 million views on another version, which is bonkers.)

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The wildest part about the song's rise is that it took "Gangnam Style" five-plus years to get just under three billion views. "See You Again" just crossed three billion views, but it's been gathering views for two years. "Despacito" hit the mark in just about seven months after hitting YouTube. With how prevalent this song is on the radioat the bodegathe gymthe barbershop everywhere, it probably isn't anywhere close to slowing down. Whether or not the song's ubiquity is a good thing is a matter of perspective.

h/t Billboard

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