Despite Our Greatest Efforts, JNCO Jeans Are Coming Back

Published On 11/05/2015 Published On 11/05/2015

Everyone pack your bags and go home... we failed: JNCO Jeans are coming back. For $69, (hehe nice) interested buyers can pick up their mammoth denim parachutes in the following styles: "Kangaroo," "Bulldog," "Skunk," "Gorilla," and more. 

For those unaware, JNCO is an LA-based company that specializes in making extremely wide-legged jeans for kids who listen to ICP and drink Mountain Dew for breakfast. In early 2000, we thought we had seen the end of these horrid pants when the JNCO factory closed. But, the factory has since reopened "on the other side of the border this time in Mexico" and now the "iconic" jeans are available for preorder.

Alert the Juggalos; they can finally re-stock their closets.


It's worth noting that these guys are also hocking jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, and what looks like a beige pea coat splattered with black paint for the holidays. I don't know what to do with that information and neither should you. 

We all understand that stuff from the 1990s is popular again, but JNCOs should have been tucked away in the proverbial crawl space alongside dial-up modems, Tamagotchis, yo-yos, and Tom Cruise. 

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Jeremy Glass is a writer for Thrillist and likes his pants like he likes his crawl space: tight.



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