Olympic Sprinter Wins Race, Busts Out Some Great Dance Moves to Celebrate

Those moves alone deserve a gold medal.

Devon Allen sprinted that much closer to achieving his Olympic dream for a second time, but it's not his speed people are talking about. The multi-sport athlete won the 110-meter hurdles semifinals race—and promptly celebrated his victory by busting a move at the finish line.

Allen, 26, completed the race in 13.18 seconds and still had energy left to do a little dancing. After crossing the finish line, the Phoenix native treated the world to his moves. He started by doing a wave movement with his arms, before busting into an updated, and way cooler, version of the robot. 

Of course, the internet ate it up just like all the other memorable Tokyo 2020 finishes we've seen so far.

Allen ranks second second overall going into the final, coming in a few tenths of a second behind fellow American runner Grant Holloway, who completed the race in 13.13 seconds. Allen will go on to compete in the final on Thursday in Tokyo, and hopefully, he'll debut some more moves for all of us to enjoy. 

Who knows—maybe he'll go on to compete in running and breakdancing at the Paris 2024 Olympics.

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