How Arnold Palmer Invented the Arnold Palmer

There aren't many people who manage to get a drink named after them. There's no David Cosmo, Stephanie Manhattan or Sandra Coffee Bean. But there is an Arnold Palmer. There are many stories of how the iced tea and lemonade combo came to be known as the Arnold Palmer, but it's probably best to let the golfer, who passed away over the weekend, tell the story himself. 

In a short film for ESPN's 30-for-30 series, Palmer and other golfers discuss the drink and reveal how it came to be. And while he probably wasn't the first person in the history of mankind to think of combining the two drinks, he did think of it on his own and he was the person who popularized the drink that bears his name. 

In the video, Palmer addresses how hard it was for him to order his favorite drink at first because ordered a "me" sounds kind of strange. Palmer says he was "embarrassed" to outright ask for an Arnold Palmer. "I said I just won't fight the battle anymore," Palmer said, "and [I started ordering] an Arnold Palmer. Maybe they won't know who I am." 

The video also stars Will Arnett, who shows just how hard it is to get a drink named after you.

Palmer also clarifies that, for him, the proper ratio is about two-thirds iced tea and one-third lemonade. But there's no need to be puritanical about your Arnold Palmers. Have it however you want, especially if you want it with bourbon.

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Dustin Nelson is a News Writer with Thrillist. He drinks Arnold Palmers with coffee and no iced tea or lemonade. Follow him @dlukenelson.