Lindsey Vonn Gives Emotional Interview, Wins Bronze in Final Olympic Downhill Race

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Alain Grosclaude/Agence Zoom/Getty Images

In her much talked about Olympic comeback, Lindsey Vonn has finally earned her first medal of the 2018 Winter Olympics. She earlier finished fourth in women's Super G but managed to take home a bronze medal in women's downhill on Tuesday.

After her run, when it was still unclear if she would medal, Vonn gave an emotional interview, showing how much she put into competing in the 2018 Games. She talked about making her grandfather, who passed away in November, proud by earning a medal in PyeongChang. She also confirmed that this will be her final Olympic downhill race. 

Vonn landed behind Italy's Sofia Goggia and Norway's Ragnhild Mowinckel, who was just .09 seconds behind Goggia. Vonn's time of 1:39.22 was 0.47 back of Goggia.

"I wish I could keep going," said a teary Vonn on NBC. "My body probably just can't take another four years."

Vonn missed the Sochi Olympics while recovering from a torn ACL and a sprained MCL. It was a tough recovery for her to come and compete in what is likely to be her final Olympics, earning her third-ever Olympic medal.

Vonn has one more event in PyeongChang. She will compete in Thursday's Alpine skiing combined event.

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