For the First Time, DiGiorno Is Defying Its 'Not Delivery' Slogan and Delivering Pizzas

digiorno pizza frozen
Cole Saladino/Thrillist

The world is a pretty backwards place right now. Look, we're not about to list all the problems (we'd be here all day), but to top everything off, DiGiorno is leaning into massive hypocrisy and going against the very core of its beliefs... by delivering pizzas. No really. The frozen pizza brand with the famous slogan, "It's not delivery, it's DiGiorno" is delivering pizzas.

"This idea actually came from our fans on social media. They're always sending us the many ironic ways we already deliver pizza like Instacart, Shipt or our retail delivery trucks," Megan Smargiasso, DiGiorno's Brand Manager at Nestlé, said in a press release. "So we thought, why not temporarily break our 'no delivery' rule and reward our loyal fans to celebrate National Pizza Month?"

Thanks to National Pizza Month, DiGiorno is delivering free pizzas to eaters in five unnamed cities throughout the month of October -- granted, you'll still have to bake the pizza yourself because it will be arriving frozen. If you'd like to see DiGiorno passing out free frozen pizzas in your city, just tweet the name of your city and use the hashtag #DeliverDiGiorno. 

It's unclear how many pizzas are being handed out, and how people can win a free pizza, and when DiGiorno will decide on cities to sling out free pies. But DiGiorno delivering pizza in general is enough madness for one day. 

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