Plant-Based Meat Has Officially Infiltrated Digiorno Pizza and Stouffer's Lasagna

Plant-based meat is all the rage these days. You can get an Impossible Whopper at Burger King, pop in at White Castle for a vegetarian-friendly slider, try a Beyond sausage sandwich at Dunkin', and cap it all off with an Incogmeato sausage pizza from Pizza Hut. But that's not all; plant based meats are now making their way to the freezer aisle with Stouffer's Meatless Lasagna and DiGiorno Meatless Supreme Pizza.

Both frozen food products are made with Sweet Earth Awesome Grounds, a plant-based ground beef alternative. It's made primarily of pea protein, wheat gluten, and both canola and coconut oil, according to Nestle, which owns Stouffer's and DiGiorno. 

"There's no denying the current modern food movement is revolutionizing the plant-based space," John Carmichael, president of the foods division at Nestlé, said in a press release. "By adding Sweet Earth Awesome Grounds to Stouffer's and DiGiorno offerings, we're able to offer our customers the chance to incorporate plant-based meals into their diets while still enjoying the same convenience and delicious flavor of brands they know and trust."

The meatless pizza and lasagna won't hit grocery store shelves until the spring of 2020, but if you're interested in trying out this new take on your classic frozen food, you can visit and enter for a chance to receive samples before the launch.

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Kat Thompson is a staff writer at Thrillist. Follow her on Twitter @katthompsonn