Bud Light Trolls the Masters After Report It Banned People From Saying Dilly Dilly

dilly dilly masters banned phrases

The Masters is almost here. You know, that thing you're either really excited about or that thing you remember your dad falling asleep to some Sunday in the spring every year. The golf tournament may have a little more excitement than in recent years with the return of Tiger Woods and, now, a brewing feud between Augusta National golf course and Bud Light. 

Masters attendees who celebrate a fine tee shot with a rousing "Dilly Dilly" will be escorted from the premises faster than Cavemen was escorted from our collective memory, according to Bryce Ritchie, an editor at the golf publication Bunkered. He reports Augusta security has been handed a list of banned phrases. The penalty for uttering any of the banned phrases is an ejection. "Dilly Dilly" made the list.

The "Dilly Dilly" commercials were mostly seen during NFL and NCAA football games from the fall through the Super Bowl in February. However, the commercials have popped up during March Madness and people have even shouted the phrase at golf tournaments, as noted by Deadspin

In little time, word got back to Bud Light and King John Barley IV from the commercials has issued a statement. 

dilly dilly masters banned phrases
Courtesy of Bud Light

"Your king hath received word that the guard of the Green Jacket plan to escort any patron who dare utter Dilly Dilly off yon premises," writers King John Barley IV of the Bud Light commercials. "Except for myself, I am against tyranny in all forms. So, I have instructed my royal tailors to make 1,000 Dilly Dilly shirts that shall be delivered to Georgia in time for the festivities. For if thou cannot say Dilly Dilly, thou can still wear Dilly Dilly."

A representative from Bud Light confirmed to Thrillist this is not a joke. Bud Light will be giving out "Dilly Dilly" shirts for the Masters. The details are not clear but will be delivered soon, since the tournament starts April 5. Get ready golf's best beef since Bob Barker was paired with Happy Gilmore at the Pepsi Pro-Am.

h/t Deadspin

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