Some Damn Monster Dipped Pizza in Milk and People Are Justifiably Upset

Published On 03/06/2017 Published On 03/06/2017
Dipping Pizza in Milk
Shutterstock | Dustin Nelson

Last week, in what many have decried as a crime against humanity, a 20-year-old college student named Mariam showed the world that she dips her pizza in milk. Shortly after, her Twitter account went private, but the image has been saved and reposted with all kinds -- OK, mostly one kind -- of opinions. 

Mariam, like restaurants and politicians, hates pineapple pizza, she told Buzzfeed News. So she tried something different and wound up liking it. “I can confirm, milk on pizza is way better than pineapples on pizza. Milk and cheese are in the same category, whereas pineapples and cheese are complete opposites,” she said.

Naturally, the image of a nice, greasy slice of pizza getting sopping wet made people hyperventilate. They were quick to defend pizza's honor. And they have a point. Brownies, cookies, these go well with milk because they arrive dry for the hootenanny in your mouth. Pizza, on the other hand, has sauce. It's already a little wet.

And don't buy the line about cheese and milk coming from the dairy family. If you believe that, there's a hot slice of cottage cheese pizza waiting for you.

Though, not everyone was horrified by the combination. Some people didn't react over-quick and gave it a go. 

Whatever you decide to do with the knowledge that people are dipping pizza in milk -- some even enjoy it -- just be safe out there. The world is a scary place full of people who dip their pizza in milk.

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