Now’s Your Chance to Camp in a Luxury Tent at Disney World’s ‘Pandora'

Walt Disney World

Your dreams of sleeping in a tent, albeit with the luxuries of a modern hotel set deep in James Cameron's Avatar, are fast becoming a reality. That's because Disney World is offering two lucky glampers the opportunity to sleep under the bioluminescent canopy of Pandora, the company's live-action rendering of the 2009 fantasy epic.

The sci-fi meets glamping opportunity comes via the Walt Disney World D-Camp contest, which will see one winner and a guest spend the night under the stars -- and perhaps next to a Great Leonopteryx or Mountain Banshee -- in a luxury tent at Disney's Animal Kingdom in Orlando. Apparently, nobody has ever slept inside the grounds at Disney World with the company's blessing, meaning the winners will be blazing new trails as far as glamping is concerned. 

While Disney is offering the winners three nights and four days at the park, complete with fully paid transportation and accommodations, the glamping sleepover is for one night only. To enter the contest, visit the D-Camp website and upload a video explaining why you're in need of an escape. If you're using past sweepstakes entry videos are anything of a guidepost, you'll need to get creative to stand out. 

Disney is clearly doing its best to make a clash of cultures work, because this isn't exactly your traditional glamping set up. But that's of course part of the fun. 

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