Disney World Is About to Get Even More Expensive to Visit

Ticket prices for three of the company's four Florida theme parks are expected to increase in December.

If you're planning a trip to Walt Disney World anytime soon, you should know that tickets are about to get a whole lot more expensive. The company already hiked up prices for its Florida mainstay back in February, and again just last month. With all the cost hikes one could only assume that Scrooge McDuck is leading as the company's Chief Financial Officer. I know, too easy.

As of December 8, tickets will not only be priced based on demand, but also on which specific park you decide to visit, CNN reports. Tickets to Disney's Hollywood Studios will cost you anywhere from $124-$179, a visit to Epcot will cost you somewhere between $114-$179 and if you decide to spend the day in Magic Kingdom you could be spending anywhere from $124-$189.

The current price for a one-day, one-park ticket fits within the $109-$159 range depending on demand. The holiday season tends to be a much more expensive time to visit the parks than, let's say, a random Tuesday in January.

There is some good news though, tickets to Disney's Animal Kingdom will remain in the $109-$159 range.

If you're an annual pass holder, you might want to map out a route to the caves of Agrabah and get your hands on some gold. You're going to need all the help you can get when prices jump across three of the theme parks' four annual pass tiers. 

Disney's Incredi-Pass will go up by $100 to $1,399, the Sorcerer pass will increase by $70 to $969 , and the Pirate pass will go up by $50 to $749. Although renewal prices on all of the aforementioned options are offered at a discount.

But all hope isn't lost, and a bit of somewhat budget-friendly magic still remains. The company's Disney Pixie Dust Pass hasn't received a price adjustment, and will remain available to purchase at $399.

Now if we could only get our hands on a magic lamp.

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