Disney's New Avenger's Theme Park Area Has Unveiled Its Superhero-Themed Menu

There's gigantic and tiny food on the menu, altered by "Pym Particles."

avengers disneyland food menu
Photo courtesy of Disneyland

It has become an unwritten requirement that any new theme park attraction at a major park includes a themed food experience. The Wizarding World is full of Butterbeers and magical dishes. Super Nintendo World has the Super Mushroom Pizza Bowl and Hatena Block Tiramisu. The Jurassic Cafe has some lightly-themed items, including Isla Burgers and... uh, Isla Chicken Sandwiches. The Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure is going big (and quite small) for its menu.

Disney has unveiled the menu for the Pym Test Kitchen at the Avengers Campus, opening on June 4. The quick-service menu earns the Pym of its name, claiming it uses the fictional Pym Particles created by Henry Pym to grow and shrink food. Accordingly, the menu items have oversized and undersized portions, making it feel a bit like you're dining inside an Ant-Man movie. (It's unclear if you'll be eating next to a giant Pez dispenser.)

pym test kitchen menu at disneyland
Photo courtesy of Disneyland

The menu includes a Quantum Pretzel, which is a very giant pretzel. There's the Impossible Spoonful, a pasta dish with one gigantic meatball made with Impossible's plant-based meat. There's the Not so Little Chicken Sandwich, which looks like a normal chicken sandwich except the chicken in it is huge and extends well beyond the bun.

At the other end of the spectrum, there are two items on the Red Particle Mini-Meals menu, which offer a small serving for kids. The full Pym Test Kitchen menu can be seen here, including its Caesar Salad and Colossal Crouton, which, as you might expect, includes a colossal-sized crouton.

Oh, and it's serving the thematically appropriate Hazy Little Thing IPA from Sierra Nevada on the drinks menu at the adjacent Pym Tasting Lab. (Craft beers will run you Hulk-sized $11.) There will be plenty of drinks for adults there, including cocktails, beer cocktails, hard seltzer, and the Pint-Sized Pints Mini Beer Flight with four beers served on an oversized ruler. 

disneyland avengers campus food
Photo courtesy of Disneyland

Outside of the Pym Test Kitchen, you'll find other thematically appropriate food. That includes the Shawarma Palace food cart, which is full of Avengers Memorabilia, and the sense that you've just been through a big battle in New York with the Avengers.

The other option will be the Terran Treats food cart near the Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! ride, where you can pick up a Cosmic Cream Orb. (That'd be a cream puff with whipped raspberry cheesecake mousse.)

All of the hero-themed food will be available when the Avengers campus opens at Disneyland on June 4.

avengers campus pym test kitchen menu
Photo courtesy of Disneyland
avengers disneyland food theme
Photo courtesy of Disneyland

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