Disneyland Lost Power While People Were on Rides Today

disneyland power outage

There was nothing goofy about a power outage that struck Disneyland Wednesday afternoon. Around a dozen attractions had to be shut down due to the power loss a spokesperson confirmed with Thrillist.

Just before 11am, the power went out in parts of Toontown and Fantasyland, according to Disneyland spokesperson Suzi Brown. Travelers to the Anaheim theme park shared stories on social media, saying they were escorted off Mickey Mouse rides by park employees and asked not to leave the area. Power was restored to Toontown around noon and Fantasyland around 4pm, according to Brown.

Disneyland staff continued working on the issues throughout the day, but the spokesperson couldn't confirm with Variety whether the issues with a transformer were the result of large holiday crowds. 

Naturally, the holidays are a busy time for amusement parks. Promoting the park earlier in the day, @DisneylandToday tweeted, "Why not relax and join us for a vacation to a galaxy far, far away. What’s the worst that could happen?" Under other circumstances, that's a perfectly fine promotional tweet. However, on Wednesday, it set the park up for frustrated responses about the power outage, and the lack of information being given to park patrons during the incident. 

If you're planning on visiting Disneyland over the holidays, you aren't going to have a Griswold family trip to a close theme park. Brown confirmed "all attractions are operational" and will open as normal on Thursday. 

h/t Variety

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