Clarabelle Cow Was the Accidental Star of Disneyland's First Pride Nite

Stitch and Chip were coming for the iconic character's crown!

Disneyland hosted its first ever Disneyland After Dark: Pride Nite this past week, which was an exciting enough milestone as it is. But, the unexpected star of the show for the event turned out to be Clarabelle Cow. For those not familiar with the wider Disney character universe, Clarabelle Cow is a character first released back in 1927. The anthropomorphic cow is best friends with Minnie Mouse, and she is now often portrayed as Goofy's girl.

At Disneyland Pride, Clarabelle ditched her role as a side character when she became the focal point of the evening's parade. In viral TikToks, the dressed-up bovine can be strutting, dancing, and slaying. As she sashayed down Main Street in her oversized purple pumps and form fitting white and rainbow striped dress, the crowd went wild.

In a ranking of all the dance performances from the Disney characters, TikToker @jessgetsfit10 gave Clarabelle an enthusiastic 10/10—though she did give Minnie and Chip 100/10 and 1000/10, respectively, so Clarabelle wasn't the highest-rated performance in at least one audience member’s opinion.

It wasn't only Minnie, Chip, and Clarabelle who had stand-out moments. Stitch embraced their inner Britney while decked out in a very motomami biker jacket and hat. As an extraterrestrial creature, it really is no surprise that Stitch's dance moves were out of this world.

On the other end of the spectrum of these performances, some of Disney's most popular cartoon characters clearly let their notoriety go to their head. Mickey Mouse, Goofy, and Donald Duck really were giving low energy performances. Honestly, they were very much giving "straight boyfriend at Pride." If this was a reality competition TV series, they'd be going home!

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