Disneyland Is Selling a Fried Pickle Corn Dog with Peanut Butter for Dipping

We wish this was a delayed April Fool's prank.

Disneyland dill pickle corn dog with peanut butter
Courtesy of Disney Parks
Courtesy of Disney Parks

In January, something strange happened. The internet caught wind of a donut grilled cheese that was being sold at Everglazed Donuts near Disney World and had some strong opinions about the sandwich. It was one of the year's first viral food moments, one we still haven't quite come to terms with.

Months later, we have come across a new sinister dish, this time over at Disneyland in Southern California. It's called a Pickle Corn Dog and it's basically what you'd imagine.

At the Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs cart in Downtown Disney, you'll find a selection of massive, elaborate, and high-priced corn dogs. One of those corn dogs was recently featured in a blog post from Disney Parks: yes, you guessed it, the Pickle Corn Dog.

The Pickle Corn Dog is multi-layered. At its core is a hot dog, which is stuffed inside of a dill pickle, which is coated in batter and fried to create a crunchy panko crust. The controversial part of the corn dog isn't that it contains a pickle—that's innovative, not gross—but rather the fact that the concoction comes with a side of creamy peanut butter for dipping.

Peanut butter isn't known for complementing fried theme park foods and pickles, and it's definitely not known as a fitting substitute for common corn dog condiments like ketchup and mustard. We'd be confused if people dipped corn dogs in peanut butter and we'd be confused if people dipped pickles in peanut butter; one could probably predict, then, that we're no less confused about the idea that a pickle/corn dog combo is somehow appropriate.

John Patouhas, a food blogger for Walt Disney World News Today, taste-tested the divisive corn dog, and his review left us with a few important takeaways: it's massive, the pickle flavor is dominant, and while the peanut butter meshes well with the batter, it clashes with the pickle and hot dog.

If you're determined to try the Pickle Corn Dog anyway, it'll stay on Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs' menu for a limited time with a price tag of $13.

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