Ditch Your Cubicle, Do Your Boring Desk Job On This Boat

Published On 09/01/2015 Published On 09/01/2015

If you're looking for a different, possibly aquatic, take on your "home office upgrade" -- then Coboat might be what you're looking for. The new startup is offering office drones a work-space on an international sailing boat, and it is now taking registrations from all writers, designers, programmers, nutritionists, and overall entrepreneurs. 

Set aboard an 82-foot sailing catamaran, Coboat is designed to operate almost entirely on solar and wind power, and is fitted with multiple surfaces for laptops, Wi-Fi connections, and a crew to sail the boat and prepare meals each day. Basically, imagine an all-inclusive cruise, where the objective is a new business plan, and pleasant nightly concerts from Tom Jones. The boat will sail to destinations like southeast Asia, the Caribbean, and India, and include organized group outings. Because what better inspiration for your Kale Soap™ startup than a late afternoon scuba trip?

The cost for this semi-permanent working space is about $4,300 a month, and will include all meals, accommodation, and Internet access. The most valuable perk of the trip, though, will likely be your onboard contemporaries -- you'll have a chance to interact with techies and creatives every day, not to mention the squads of dolphins you'll no doubt come to be acquainted with.

Sun, tech, and activities? We think we just found the new American dream. 

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Michelle No is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor and thinks all jobs should come with mandatory skateboarding breaks. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.



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