DJ Khaled Launches His Own Chicken Chain, Another Wing

The restaurant will simultaneously launch in five different countries.

Courtesy of Another Wing
Courtesy of Another Wing

Many of us are most familiar with DJ Khaled because he brings together the biggest stars in the world to produce chart-topping, club-friendly singles. Now, the mega-famous producer is taking his talents and applying them toward a new sort of major launch: chicken wings.

Khaled has partnered with Reef, the world's largest virtual restaurant operator, to launch the virtual restaurant Another Wing on November 11. (Get it? Another One, Another Wing!) The restaurant, which can only be ordered from via delivery apps, will be located in five countries across three continents. People in France, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, the UK, and the US will be able to get their hands on Khaled-approved wings.

In the US, there will be locations in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and Washington D.C. All in, there will be 165 Another Wing locations around the world.

"Everything I do is big," said DJ Khaled in a press release. "My team and I are focused on launching new partnerships, new ideas, and spreading love to my fans all around the world. Partnering with Reef for this launch is another new exciting venture which allows me to introduce some amazing wings to everyone, everywhere."

The menu has boneless and bone-in wings in different signature sauce flavors, each an incredible play on words for one of DJ Khaled's iconic songs, which include:

  • Un Un Un Believable Buffalo: a spicy buffalo sauce
  • Don't Quit Nashville Hot: inspired by the famous Nashville Hot Chicken
  • You Loyal! Lemon Pepper: a very Khaled take on a classic.
  • Honey! Honey! Hot Honey Sriracha: where spicy meets sweet
  • They Don't Want You To Win Truffalo: a unique combination of black truffles, parmesan, and buffalo sauce

There are also Spicy Togarashi Fries, Jalapeño Cheese Fries, Truffle Parm Fries, and Onion Rings that can be added to any order. Meal combo names may sound familiar, too—you can choose between the All I Do is Wing or Major Key Meals.

Find out if you live in one of the 30 cities where Another Wing is available at, and also place an order if you are so inclined.

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