A Literal River of Poo Just Ended Spring Training for the Dodgers

The final exhibition game between the LA Dodgers and the Anaheim Angels was a big ol' stinker on Tuesday night, and not because the quality of play was sub-par. No, it was quite literally a smelly affair thanks to a water-main break inside Dodger Stadium that sent a flood of nasty sewage flowing onto the field during the fifth inning.

In the middle of the final matchup in the spring Freeway Series between the two Southern California MLB teams, a mysterious noxious liquid came pouring out near the Dodgers dugout and into the box seats along the foul line. Upon further inspection, officials realized a water-main break inside the 57-year-old stadium had sent an enlarging puddle of poo leaking onto the field.

"I smelled it," said outfielder Andrew Toles, who was on second base at the time, according to the Los Angeles Times. "It was nasty. I'm not going to tell you what it really was, that's kind of messed up. But, yeah, it was nasty, man. It was a tragic thing."

Once the grounds crew was on the scene, they attempted to sweep the liquid away and also attempted to prevent it from spreading further by applying a special drying agent typically used during rain delays. However, rain doesn't smell like sewage, so even getting the foul flood to dry up wasn't going to get rid of the stench. Then, after a 32-minute delay, the decision was made to halt the game altogether.

It's unclear just how much further damage the water-main break caused. The clubhouse was likely unaffected, but some players said the liquid made its way into the coaches' room and the video room, per the Times report.

There is a silver lining to the shitty situation, though: Officials are confident the incident won't affect the season opener between the Dodgers and Giants scheduled to take place at the stadium on Thursday afternoon. 

h/tLA Times, NBC Sports

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