Very Good Dog 'Adopts' 9 Orphaned Ducklings, Immediately Melts the Internet's Heart

This is the story of a very good dog named Fred and his friends, the ducklings. Fred is the resident dog at Mountfitchet Castle, a tourist attraction outside of London, England that's reportedly home to many adopted animals. But Fred is also a wise and noble spirit who looks out for his fellow animals. 

The BBC reports that Fred, a labrador and king of many grassy knolls, noticed that nine ducklings were waddling all alone after their mother disappeared. He immediately sprung to action and has since been lauded for adopting the wayward ducklings, who clearly needed a mentor and a father figure to help them navigate this cruel world. 

Fred's owner, Jeremy Goldsmith, said the dog seized upon its paternal instincts. 

"We brought the ducklings into the house as they are too young to fend for themselves, and Fred just took them under his paw -- rather than his wing," he said. 

The internet has also taken notice of Fred's heroics, offering him many digital pets and belly rubs. 

In a statement to BuzzFeed News, Mountfitchet Castle said:

"The ducklings absolutely adore him and he has now resigned himself to being a stay-at-home dad looking after the nine baby ducklings. They are getting very mischievous, even hitching a ride on his back and following him into the water for a swim in the castle moat."

Good boy, Fred.

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