Big Dog Waits for His Little Humans to Get on the School Bus Every Morning

Waiting at the bus stop can be a daunting task, especially if you're a little girl. What if the bus doesn't come? What if a stranger pulls up in a van with no windows and offers you candy and a ride? No, that wasn't my reoccurring nightmare when I was eight. Maybe.

The whole ordeal is a lot less scary if you have a protector with you. Protectors come in many forms: parents, neighbors, friends, or a giant mastiff named Gordon. In a video posted to Facebook, user Becca Lynn shares a glimpse of the early morning routine with her two daughters and their dog, Gordon. 

On a snow-covered front lawn, Gordon is seen waiting patiently with his two tiny humans for the bus to arrive. Gordon stays until the pair board the bus and the vehicle pulls away, before turning around and bounding back up the front lawn to reenter the warmth of the home. His massive stature, next to the small girls, is objectively adorable. 

Dogs always ensure we are safe and prove their devotion day in and day out. And even if mastiffs don't make the best hiking partners, they sure make stellar bus stop buddies.

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Kat Thompson is a staff writer at Thrillist. Follow her on Twitter @katthompsonn