Dog Realizes There Are Baseballs at Baseball Game, Chaos Ensues

For being a whole other species, dogs gel pretty well with humanity. But their finest moments come when an utter inability to comprehend a situation combines with their insistence on having a great time at all times to create equal parts pandemonium and delight.

For example, the above video of a Bark in the Park event for the Tulsa Drillers (a Dodgers' Double-A affiliate). As this name suggests, Bark in the Park is all about packing the stands with good boys for a night of baseball and the furry little pseudo-wolves.

The hijinks you're witnessing happened between innings while players were warming up and dogs were brought onto the field.

A German shepherd noticed that there were in fact baseballs at the baseball game. Naturally, he then sprinted at one of the balls -- but was distracted by, mother of god, yet another ball. A player standing near second base was kind enough to roll a ball for the German shepherd to chase down, which the good boy did with admirable grace and speed.

And the crowd went wild. 

After being scratched behind the ears, the dog was retrieved and spent his short remaining time on the field trying to escape again before a player rolled a ball over just for him to take home.

If this isn't what baseball is all about, we should probably change baseball.


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