Dog Absolutely Freaks Out When Owner Dresses as Her Favorite Toy

Published On 10/29/2016 Published On 10/29/2016

If you’re a dog, your imagination knows no bounds. Earthly constraints don’t pose a problem for any pooch, because when all you care about is eating, pooping and playing with your favorite Gumby toy, magic could very well be real.

That’s certainly the effect of this video, which sees a dog named Jolene absolutely freak out when her owner emerged dressed in a Gumby costume -- the life-size equivalent of her very own pride and joy. You’ll see as the man-dressed-as-Gumby slowly walks out from behind the shadows, Jolene is incredulous as any dog has ever been. She’s doggone flabbergasted as Gumby stands before her, awaiting their initial embrace.

Jolene’s owner, Emily Crisp, posted the video to YouTube on Thursday, and it’s no doubt conjured tears of joy en route to becoming a viral smash with over 1 million views. And just to clarify, there actually is a man in the Gumby suit -- it’s Crisp’s boyfriend, Ben Mesches, according to the Huffington Post -- but the illusion is not lost on the Jolene, who frolics around on the floor with her IRL Gumby like the happiest dog on Earth.

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