Dog Haus Just Added a Fried Chicken Sandwich to Its Menu

A new chicken sandwich is here to vie for your loyalty.

Courtesy of Dog Haus
Courtesy of Dog Haus

Since 2019, fast food chains have been locked in a veritable war of chicken sandwiches. Nearly every chain has one, and they'll all trying to one-up each other with tiny tweaks, like unusual sauces or extra spice. Now, a new challenger is entering the arena. In a somewhat unexpected twist, Dog Haus has stepped up to the plate for a second time. This time it's with a modifiable chicken sandwich. Among other poultry offerings, it hopes it can hold its own against the competition.

Dog Haus' new sandwich, The Hot Chick, is a fried chicken sandwich featuring two fried chicken tenders, secret sauce, dill pickles slices, and slaw sandwiched between two bun halves. The tenders come plain, Nashville Hot, or Nashville Hotter, meaning customers can take it as is or kick it up a notch. 

That's not the only new chick on the block at Dog Haus. The chain is also offering wings and tenders, both of which come in a variety of flavors. Customers can choose from Chipotle Honey, Haus BBQ, Haus Buffalo, Nashville Style or keep it simple and order them plain. 

Dog Haus didn't forget about the little guys either. The eatery introduced a brand new Chicken Tenders Kids Meal, which includes a choice of grilled or fried tenders, tots or fries, and a fountain drink or juice. 

Courtesy of Dog Haus

If chicken isn't part of your diet, fear not. Dog Haus has something for everyone, including those that don't eat meat. The chain added an Impossible Chicken Nuggets Kids Meal to its menu, which comes with four plant-based nuggets, a side, and a choice of drink. If you're a little old to be ordering off the kids menu, you can order Impossible Nuggets in orders of six, 10, or 20 and pick from any of Dog Haus' sauce options. 

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