Dog Haus Is Launching 2 New Plant-Based Chicken Sandwiches

Dog Haus is more than hot dogs. You're going to be able to snag plant-based chicken there, too.

dog haus plant-based chicken
Photo courtesy of Dog Haus

The last couple of years have seen a boom in the availability of plant-based burgers at quick-service restaurants. The poorly-named "chicken sandwich wars" may be helping usher in a similar surge in the availability of plant-based chicken alternatives. (Fortunately, the "plant-based chicken sandwich wars" doesn't have a ring to it.)

The latest chain to join the fray is Dog Haus, which will launch plant-based chicken from Beyond Meat, using Beyond's new Beyond Chicken Tenders. The two new menu items will be the Beyond Bad Mutha Clucka and the Beyond The Hot Chick. Both options will hit the menu on August 9.

The Beyond Bad Mutha Clucka comes with those fried Beyond Chicken Tenders, lettuce, pickles, and miso ranch on four  King's Hawaiian rolls. Then the Beyond the Hot Chick will land you Nashville-style Beyond Chicken Tenders, pickles, Haus slaw, and secret sauce on the same pile of King's Hawaiian Rolls.

Beyond's chicken tenders will also be available at other Absolute Brand restaurants, including the virtual concepts of Bad Mutha Clucka and JAILBIRD! Whether or not those names make it appealing to you, it's hard to deny that plant-based chicken options at fast food and fast casual restaurants are growing in popularity. At a minimum, they're more widely available than ever before. 

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