Dog Derails Professional Soccer Game in Search of Belly Rub

Dogs don't get it. This is their power and their charm. It's why we spend all that money taking care of them, why we dress them up in humiliating costumes, and why they dominate the meme economy. But occasionally this obliviousness leads to dogs being dogs where dogs have no business being. 

We're of the opinion that moments like these should be celebrated, not condemned. With that in mind, we present the video above, and we demand that you congratulate this dog on what a good boy he is, even if he is ruining a National Football League game. He's somehow found his way onto the field mid-match in Gori, Georgia, which in itself is pretty impressive. 

He manages to spend around three minutes on the field (not long enough, frankly), attempting to get several players to play with him and generally trotting about as fans cheer. Eventually, the goalie approaches him and gets him to sit. 

And then he rolls over, AND THE CROWD GOES WILD. He's clearly demanding a belly rub, but this request, at least according to this footage, is denied. Finally, another player tricks the dog off the field by getting it to chase him.

It's also possible that this is viral marketing for an Air Bud remake, but who knows? 

h/t AP, Mashable 

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