A Drone, a Sausage, and a Dramatic Dog Rescue

A dog named Millie was saved from the wilderness using a clever technique.

Courtesy of Denmead Drone Search & Rescue
Courtesy of Denmead Drone Search & Rescue

Dogs love to wander, but their adventurous spirit can sometimes lead to trouble. A Jack Russell Whippet puppy named Millie in Hampshire, England, got lost in dangerous mudflats when she wandered off from home. Tides were rising in the area, and the dog was at risk of drowning in the deep waters. CNN reports that volunteer rescuers from Denmead Drone Search & Rescue set out to save the rescue dog.

First, the group tried to kayak to the dog, but they couldn’t reach Millie via the water. Because the land was so muddy, the rescue team had a hard time reaching the dog that way too. So the team, having access to the drone already, got inventive.

The team attached cooked sausages to a string and tied it to the drone. They flew the drone over the dog, and Millie followed the drone and the scent of the sausage back to safety. In video footage captured by the team, Mille catches the smell and calmly trots her way across the mudflats back to safety.

Millie was brought back to her owner, unharmed and probably craving sausages.

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