Woman Busts Her 'Gold Digging' Dog Pretending to Be a Stray to Get Burgers From McDonald's


In the eternal debate of cats versus dogs, the latter are often cast aside as the dumber species, while cats get lauded for their shrewd intelligence. However, canines are just as capable of pulling a fast one to get what they want, as most any pup-parent will cop to. One particular dog owner found that to be exceedingly accurate earlier this week, when she discovered her four-legged friend had been posing as a stray at a nearby McDonald's in an effort to coax customers into giving her free food.

And since it's 2018 and nothing can be real unless it makes it way onto social media, she promptly took to Facebook to hilariously call out her doggo's scheming ways. 

Oklahoma City resident Betsy Reyes claims that her dog, Princess, regularly sneaks out at night to hang out in a nearby McDonald's parking lot, where she preys on the good will of strangers by pretending to be a stray in hopes of getting some free burgers tossed her way. This would all be hearsay, of course, if Reyes hadn't caught her four-pawed scammer on camera.

In Reyes' subsequent post on Facebook, she flamed Princess for being a "gold-diggin' ass bitch," and warned anyone who spots her begging in the McDonald's parking lot not to feed her. 

Reyes' photo quickly went viral, and she has since posted a couple follow-up videos, one of which captured Princess in the act, sitting calmly and patiently like a good girl outside the driver's side door of a mark, who eventually tosses what appears to be a burger at her feet. In the other video, Reyes pulls up beside Princess, who quickly recognizes her and starts wagging her tail.

And while a steady diet of late-night burgers may not be great for Princess in the long-run, we have to hand it to her for her intrepid scamming skills, and anxiously await the Oceans 11 spin-off inspired by her life.

h/tThe Cut

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