Apparently, Dolphins Fans Get Laid the Most of Any NFL Fans

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Plenty of people love football. Plenty of people are just looking for love. And the overlapping section of that Venn diagram, it seems, includes plenty of interesting data on the dating habits and personalities of the people who fit both descriptions.

A recent post to OkCupid's blog dives into the quirks of 20,000 users who identified themselves as being fans of a particular NFL franchise. The analysis sussed out several interesting points, but of particular interest, as the headline on this article states, is that Miami Dolphins fans are the users most likely to have sex on a first date. Yes, 51.13% of Dolphins fans said they'd punch it in the first time they got the chance. That's about average for all OkCupid users, but well above the 43.20% for all other NFL fanbases -- and just a dominant scoring offense compared to the lowly Arizona Cardinals fans, who'd go all the way only 31.32% of the time. RUMBLIN', BUMBLIN', STUMBLIN'.

The rest of the post details a few more oddball stats, such as cold-weather fanbases also proving to be the biggest literature lovers, based on answers to a Shakespeare question. Oh, and that Oakland Raiders fans were the most likely to smoke weed -- no surprise, if you've seen, heard, or experienced the Black Hole. San Francisco 49ers fans come in next, so there's something certainly to that dank smell by the Bay.

Oh, and lest we forget Buffalo Bills fans: third-most likely to smoke weed, but most literate, too. 

Check out the full blog post here. And just remember: nobody cares enough about the Bucs, Jags, Rams or Titans enough for them to be included in this study.

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Ryan Craggs is Thrillist's Senior News Editor. He's a devout Pittsburgh Steelers fan, and an occasional online dater. Follow him @ryanrcraggs.