Domino's Attempted the Watermelon Pizza TikTok Trend

This viral "pizza" trend doesn't seem too appetizing.

Every day, getting engagement and views on TikTok gets a little bit harder. How can one compete against the increasingly chaotic, flashy, and sometimes outrageous content that is being uploaded daily? Well, Domino’s Australia has found a way.

In a video posted to the Domino’s Australia TikTok account, one pizza chef does the unthinkable. They layer their special pizza sauce, cheese, and slices of pepperoni on a circular slice of watermelon before popping it in the oven. The account captioned the video “Y’all keep asking us for a low carb option.” Seriously, whoever is asking for low-carb pizza, please stop.

But it’s clearly just for jokes, and Domino’s Australia made sure to credit the original creator, @elburritomonster, who is responsible for what is surely a textural monstrosity. Domino’s even went so far as to have some unlucky employee take a big bite out of a watermelon pizza slice.

Ingenuity and innovation are essential culinary components, but I think I’ll sit out on this experiment.

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Opheli Garcia Lawler is a staff writer at Thrillist. Follow her on Twitter @opheligarcia and Instagram @opheligarcia.