Your Dominos Pizza Might Take Longer to Arrive—Here's Why

Gone are the days of "30 minutes or less" delivery.


The pandemic has affected a lot of fast-food chains—Chipotle recently raised its prices and both Taco Bell and Starbucks have been grappling with food shortages.

We can now add Domino's to the mix, as the pizza purveyor admitted that its deliveries are taking longer than ever before. The company wants customers to know it's working on it, though.

CEO Ritch Allison said during Domino's recent earnings call that the average delivery time has "slipped a minute or two in some places," according to CNNHe chalked the slowdown up to being short staffed, for the most part. Allison noted in the call that Domino's is already working on fixing the issue, so customers don't have to wait longer than normal to get their pizzas. It's going to require a little patience on the consumers' end, however.

"With the challenges that we've had in staffing, we haven't made the service gains and improvements that I would like to see here in 2021," Allison said, adding that delivery times will be a big focus going forward.

However, he noted that fixing slow delivery times is about more than getting customers their pizza in a hurry. Faster delivery leads to more sales as well as better customer retention. It's also a win for drivers, as more deliveries in one shift means more money in their pockets.

“There’s clearly an opportunity to continue to grow delivery by driving those service times down,” he said.

As for how Domino's is working on the problem, Allison said that the company is putting a lot of effort into attracting new hires. Like a lot of other companies these days, Domino's is offering higher wages in the hopes of retaining employees and hiring new ones. Allison said during the call that "getting our staffing levels back to where we need them to be" will be a major player in reducing delivery times. 

Increased staffing alone won't solve the problem, though. Allison said that efficiency is another thing Domino's chains across the nation are working on.

While a minute or two may seem like a long time when you're hangry, you're just going to have to be a little patient when it comes to your pizza delivery. Don't forget to tip nicely, too. 

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