Skydiver Gets Domino's Pizza Delivered Thousands of Feet Up

I once admired our food writer Kat Thompson for eating 15 McDonald's sandwiches in one sitting, or choking down the entire Auntie Annie's menu before 10am, just to write the latest Thrillist menu ranking. But I stopped being impressed when I found out about a woman named McKenna Knipe and her skydiving fast-food taste tests -- most notably her recent 25th birthday celebration last month -- during which she had Domino's pizza delivered to her mid-descent.

After I finish this article I will march to Kat's desk, which is one foot away, and demand that she base jump from our fifth story window in the name of content. I will say to her, watch this video shared by, which shows McKenna jumping 13,000 feet at Skydive City in Florida, and receiving a pizza from the jumper falling above her. Will I be that fellow jumper for Kat? Absolutely not! I cherish my life.

Kat will be safe though, just like McKenna, who has jumped over 300 times. Kat will be so motivated by jealousy when she hears that, according to Vice, McKenna tasted the Burger King Impossible Whopper while skydiving, as well. And where was Kat when she tried it? Safely on the ground, like some sort of professional writer.

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist who really respects Kat. Please don't be mad at me I love you.