A Googly-Eyed Donald Trump Bus is Cruising the Streets of Denmark

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The 2016 election has spawned enough madness and schadenfreude to be seen, felt, and heard across the world. Donald Trump’s bluster and constant presence in American headlines has spawned an incredible PSA in Denmark, in the form of a googly-eyed caricature painted on the side of a Copenhagen bus.  

Take a look at the Trump bus in all of its Scandinavian splendor. It looks like the Republican nominee after swilling a quadruple espresso in the middle of a NASCAR event:

In case you’re wondering, there is a message attached to the bug-eyed PSA, which implores American expats to do their civic duty in very blunt terms. The piece was commissioned by The People’s Socialist Party of Denmark, and displays a quote from the party’s chairperson Pia Olsen Dyhr, which reads in English: “We would like to say to the American citizens: Remember to vote, it has consequences.”

The video was first published to the Facebook page of Danish news site DR Nyheder, where it’s been summarily laughed at by at least the 150,000 people who’ve watched it. The Danes are following the lead of other foreign companies intent on lambasting Trump’s tendency to serve up lol-worthy sound bites: Just on Tuesday, Aeromexico used the GOP nominee’s statement on the perils of “Bad Hombres” to market an enticing vacation package.

There’s no word on whether the googly-eyed Trump bus will still be rolling around the Danish capital after the November 8 election, but it probably should, because it deserves to. 

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