Confirmed: Donald Trump Has Awful Taste in Food

Donald trump french fries story

The man claims to be one of the richest, classiest people alive. But probable billionaire Donald Trump doesn't appear to have the refined palate often associated with upper-crust wealth. His taste in food hues a little closer to a germaphobe six-year-old who just dusted off six packs of Pop Rocks. He appears to eat a ridiculous amount of fastfood, likes taco bowls, eats his steaks burnt to a crisp, and consumes both pizza and KFC with silverware, which is full-on un-presidential.

But a hilarious, unconfirmed story about Trump eating at one of his own restaurants has surfaced online and it may be the cherubic angel atop the Christmas tree of Trump food stories. 

The story was shared by writer Jen Deaderick, who told Deadspin the alleged incident, relayed to her by a former roommate, occurred sometime around 2003.

It's ridiculous, but given the other stories surrounding the presidential candidate's food habits, it's not outlandish. Maybe it will be addressed in the next presidential debate.

h/t Deadspin

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