Listen to Zapp Brannigan Read the Worst Donald Trump Quotes

During Monday night’s presidential debate, Donald Trump aired no shortage of outrageously dumb soundbites. During the many episodes of the late-television show Futurama, the character Zapp Brannigan proved himself an arrogant windbag -- someone who bloviates ad nauseam without knowledge or self-control -- basically a cartoon replica of Donald Trump.

Highlighting the parallels between the starship captain and the 2016 presidential hopeful, voice actor Billy West reprised his former role as Brannigan, posting verbatim sound clips of Trump’s meandering speeches from Monday night. As Inverse points out, the clips are funny, and make it easy to lose sight of the galling lapses in Trump’s knowledge of everything related to the presidency.

Here’s Trump as Brannigan, discussing the complex nature of the word “cyber”:

Also from the debate, Trump’s assessment of presidential stamina, intersected by intense sniffles.

West has been onto this for some time, having put Brannigan up to the task of mimicking Trump for the majority of the campaign season. And why the hell not? When a presidential candidate is so insecure as to discuss his genitals as a matter of public discourse, it’s as if Brannigan is campaigning himself:

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