Drone Haircuts Are a Terrible Idea

Back in 2000, if you did stupid things to get noticed, you'd end up as a co-star on Jackass. In 2016, you end up a YouTube celebrity. This is the case of a guy dumb enough to let a drone with a set of electric clippers attached cut his hair.

As evidenced around the 7:40 mark of this upload from YouTube star Roman Atwood, such a trim isn't so much a haircut as a misshapen, bad idea. The unwitting victim, whose name is apparently Caleb, finds himself with a haircut akin to what you'd get if your barber simply dropped the clippers on your head a few times; it's as eloquent as when the Jackass guys attacked each others' heads with clippers as a prank.

Somehow, the video garnered 4.6 million views in the span of just three days, proving there will always be a market for idiocy on film. Actually, the presidential debates already proved that.

"We had a good time hooking hair clippers to a Phantom drone and attempting to cut Brittney's cousin's hair," Atwood wrote in the video's description.

Well, sure. Caleb's hair might have something else to say about that, however.

H/T Cnet

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Ryan Craggs is Thrillist's Senior News Editor. He gets his hair cut like a normal person -- sans drone. Follow him @ryanrcraggs.