The 'Don't Say It' Meme Captures the Struggle Between Your Brain and Mouth

don't say it meme - Edited

A new meme is spreading quickly across Twitter, and it's awfully relatable for anyone who feels like they've put their foot in their mouth before. 

In some form, most memes thrive on relatability. The ability to repeat it over and over speaks to that, and the "Don't Say It" meme is absolutely trading on that feeling.

What is the "Don't Say It" meme?

The meme isn't brand new but has spread like wild over the weekend. It plays on the tension between things you know you shouldn't say but want to say anyway. It's right there in the name. Your mind says "don't say it," but you just can't help it. It represents a sort of metaphorical disconnect between your brain and your mouth. 

It might be easiest to think of Michael Scott on The Office. Anytime he was told not to say "that's what she said," this meme would be a good representation of what's happening in his head.

At one point on the show, Michael was forbidden from telling sexual jokes. Jim Halpert tempted him by saying, "You always left me satisfied and smiling." Inside Michael's head, he was probably repeating "don't say it." Nonetheless, he's eventually powerless and has to say, "That's what she said." In this meme, that exchange looks something like this. 

How can I use this meme?

There are a lot of ways to use it, but the most effective often come from the awkward moments where you don't really know how to respond to a situation in a socially acceptable manner. You know, when grandpa starts talking about immigration at Thanksgiving. Or when you run into a friend at the gym, and they strike up a conversation while you're still on the treadmill and you have to come up with a polite version of "go away"?

 Another appropriate situation for this meme is when you really want to tell a bad dad joke or annoying pun. It's awful in real life, but it kind of works nicely here. 

Show me some good ones

Okay. You got it. 

Here are some of the best "Don't Say It" memes you'll find on Twitter. 

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