Doritos Is Introducing a New Flavor That's Spicy with a Hint of Citrus

The snack innovator is adding another "Tangy" flavor to its roster.

In early May, Doritos heard our cries and brought back its beloved 3-D Crunch chip in an entirely new flavor, but lucky for us, that's not all the snack brand had up its sleeve. The snack innovator just announced its latest creation. 

While Doritos loves a good kick, such as Flamin' Hot Cool Ranch chips, the brand is bringing the heat with a hint of citrus this time. Enter the all-new Tangy Tamarind Doritos.

Doritos latest flavor iteration is heading to retailers nationwide beginning August 15 and joins the company's roster of similarly limited-edition "Tangy" chips, including Tangy Pickle and Tangy Ranch.

So what can fans expect from the new flavor? Tamarind, which is a popular ingredient in Hispanic, Asian, and Indian dishes, gives the chip an "authentic, tangy flavor with a kick of heat and citrus," according to a rep for Doritos.

The brand first introduced its Tangy Ranch and Tangy Pickle Doritos chips in August of last year. And while I couldn't seem to track down the Tangy Pickle online, Tangy Ranch is still very much alive and well in the supermarket space. I checked Instacart and everything! So go ahead and get yourself some chips to snack on. 

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Megan Schaltegger is a Staff Writer on the News team at Thrillist.