Doritos Roulette Returns to Stores to Spice up Your Snacking

But they’ll probably disappear again before you can say “cool ranch.”


When we first wrote about Doritos Roulette in 2015, we never could have predicted their eventual return. We never could have predicted that most people would have spent the year prior to their return in quarantine, either, and after more than a year of, like, breaking bread for entertainment, we’re ready for a little culinary excitement. 

As before, Doritos Roulette turns simply eating the iconic chips into a kind of game. Basically, some of the chips included in the bag are “hotter” than others, and you won’t know until they’re already in your mouth, perking up your palate. 

Doritos Roulette will return to stores April 12, according to Delish, and if history repeats itself, we expect them to disappear again a short while later. The re-release follows other recent throwbacks like Doritos 3D Crunch.   

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