Pickle Doritos are Real & on Store Shelves Now

Pickle juice drinkers rejoice.

Pickles have long been a corporate rite of passage (think: pickle-flavored Pringles, Twinkies, Sonic slushies, and Lay's chips), and now Doritos has joined in on this pickle people pleasing ritual, with the release of its new Tangy Pickle Chips in stores across the country. 

As someone who's preferred butter pickle chips since I got off the bottle, I'm not thrilled to hear the news that Frito-Lay has expanded its pickle Doritos from Canada into the US. Doritos flavors are sacred and, in my opinion, there's enough lactic fermentation infiltration for pickle-lovers to compensate for years of jar-sipping shame. 

But Instagram accounts like @JunkFoodOnTheGo seem excited by this product, as do its followers, so I will stop yucking yums. After all, the chips have been around in Canada since at least 2011, so there is certainly a notable demand. 

"I’m a fan of sour foods in general, love vinegar chips and pickle chips so I already know these new Tangy Pickle Doritos will be awesome!" reads a June 13 post from @JunkFoodOnTheGo. 

The Doritos are only available at Dollar General and Circle K, according to USA Today.  

"And just like that my plans for the weekend become driving to every @dollargeneral in a 100 mile radius," @snackingsamurai wrote in the comments. 

As far as snack foods go, Tangy Pickle Doritos are certainly at the intersection of two massive fanbases, and I suspect they'll be a hit. Make sure you grab 'em quick, though, because they're only available for a little while, and I may set the shelves on fire before you can get there. 

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